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We are NOT the official website of the Wolverhampton Chess Club. We exist simply to give the reader an opportunity to get basic facts about the club, and some other chess news of interest. Our website is also 'responsive'. This means it can be easily viewed on screens of different sizes. If you wish to visit the club's official website, then please click here:

Wolverhampton Chess Club


Upcoming matches

Full Wolverhampton Fixtures and Results List
Printable Fixtures List

Wolverhampton and District League

A team: Home v Bushbury A. Thursday, 18th October.
B team: Away v. Walsall Kipping B. Thursday, 18th October.

Birmingham League

Home v. Sutton Coldfield 1. Thursday, 27th September.

Cannock and District League

Away v. Boldmere St Michaels. Wednesday, 26th September.


UPDATE, 30th August: The missing fixture in the CDCL has now been published and the printable fixture list is now available.

The Cannock & District Chess League have now published their fixtures for Division 2. However, one match is missing. It had to be a match involving Wolverhampton - didn't it!
We hope that this omission will soon be corrected. In the mean time, we shall publish all of the other matches the club is due to play in Division 2.
As for the Dudley & District League, the club appears to have dropped out of contention. There are no teams from the club competing in any of the divisions. But to be honest, running teams in five different leagues is always a tall ask. Ergo, something had to be sacrificed.


3rd August, 2018: The CDCL phoenix rises from the ashes!

Unlike the infamous 'Norwegian Blue', from that famous Monty Python sketch, it seems there is still life in Cannock.
The Cannock & District Chess League (CDCL), which has shown no signs of life for a long time, has now 'risen from the ashes'.
The new CDCL website can be found here. However, it is a work-in-progress. We hope for something better in the months to come.
Cannock & District Chess League


20th July, 2018: Brain training time!

Pre-season training. Footballers have to do it - so, chess players, why not get yourself into shape by entering the MCCU Chess Tournament in Telford in August?
The Midlands Open Championship has three sections: FIDE Rated Open, FIDE Rated U1900 (U160), ECF Under 130.
You can get full, details here:
Midlands Open Championship


25th May, 2018: Hibernation!

The (football) World Cup is not far away. Ergo, not much will be happening here until late July / early August.
So, while idly passing time watching England struggle to make an impact, I'll be waiting for news of fixture lists for the 2018/2019 season.
This website is also waiting for the final outcome of the Dudley & District League Division 2. The official League website is still incomplete. As for the Cannock & District League, it seems to have suffered the same fate as the infamous Oozlum bird ('Google it'). Not sure when it vanished up it's own backside, but any reports of sightings of it's reappearance would be most welcome.
So! Have a nice Summer break. Stay away from chess until the next outbreak of madness begins in September. As for the England football team and the World Cup, I'm still not sure if it is safe to follow up a few jars of brew with anti-depressants. I've certainly felt that way after a few (and almost long-forgotten) chess tournaments.


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